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fay ce que vouldras

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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2006|07:26 pm]
fay ce que vouldras
do not stop reading this or something

One day, Sarah was walking home from
her boyfriend drove by and honked at her
in. She got in his car and he drove her to
lake. Her boyfriend said he was going to
something very important. Sarah could
he was going to propose. However, he
flicked her off, pushed her in the lake and
yelled, "I am
breaking up with you, you ugly bitch!!! I
hate you
and I think that maybe you should
just end
your damn life!
He laughed and drove off. It was
very cold day. Sarah climbed out of the
cold, and feeling the worst she had in her
life. She got home went in a hot bath,
and slit
her wrists and died in the bathtub. Her
yelled and screamed at her to get out
finally broke the door down. They saw no
the entire bathroom was dripping with her
Her mom went insane and killed herself
later, her dad is in prison, accused of
that week, Sarah's exboyfriend was taking
when she came from the drain, rotting
with a razor in her hand and
"Goodbye Jason."
She cut his throat before he could scream.

If you do not repost this with the title "1 scary way to breakup", you are a heartless
..............and Sarah will come to you in the
from the drain, and will kill you the same
killed her boyfriend.

99.5% of ppl that broken this chain and died

You have 14 minutes
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the firmament or a river to heaven [May. 2nd, 2006|01:23 am]
fay ce que vouldras
Beseech you, sir, be merry; you have one day, have it with the sailor's wife,
Today the masters speak like us: just then our comfort lets their words in.
I don't think I know, but if the knowledge is ready to the King of Italy,
he will share it with me one day when he is ready.
Sir, you daughter weaves these telepathic strings, the one who is now Queen.
Sir, the surges overwhelm the boat, maybe it will turn aside, and these people will be breasted.
Angry neptune conjures the surge and lifts the ship into the sharp rocks of submerged islands.
'Bove the shore, that the sight of an island excites him.
But I fear this joy is premature; i predict loss.
Our hint of woe humbled our thoughts and we lifted ourselves to transcendant grace.
Is it uncommon: would i be justified in comparing it to a miracle,
I mean our preservation is important, and few wisely ignore it,
but is it as good as when we destroy something pretty?
we put marriage of the king's daughter on national tv but now it seems unimportant
now the beach at the marriage became a popular summer utopis
Whose enmity lost him the job, his colleges stabbed him in the backs:
he trod the water not making any distance, a fish in the smallest bowl.
Himself with his good arms over his wave-formed body
we plan for our escape every day but we are already dead.
Is much beyond our everyday theme of woe;
but for the vast millions who don't understand taxes
Can our garments be distressed on our journey
are wild animals like themselves on their first trip to Africa,
we live as fresh as when we were under our parents arm,
And ride upon their her cresent moon flung contentious waves of the terror he kept,
in lusty strokes he would doubt his appointed sexuality, only boys,
He caused his own dreams, and so have we all,
not just some merchant and the one who advertises for him,
Have the air, our fear weighs us down like the lead of saturn.
Our sorrow are now as fresh as the fair young daughter of your sister,
the herbalist, she always talking about the secret mystery of plants.
That our garments are alike you may live a cultured life,
as stupid as you must be to believe the consensus view.
Only the retarded are enlightened, we are angry that they remain free of
the ghostly grasp of our ansestors spells and doctrines.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2006|04:13 am]
fay ce que vouldras
I do create meaning for everyone to the drink.
Fear and hope are mental constructs flaring the match to win crabs and scorpions.
Fish don't know the joys of civilization can match heratage;
schooling is for the uneducated constructs and every other tree day smokers.
Mental schooling goes on with peolple every day.
Drink flaring college students win the favour of drunk.
Flaring crabs don't fear the creation.
Schooled fish scale higher emanations;
but they can only swim in a small jar.
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often eclipsed cut up [Apr. 28th, 2006|03:59 am]
fay ce que vouldras
often eclipsed these eyes are frozen
in wonder as everything is truely amazing
and every moment is a celebration of living
together we live free in impersonal bliss
silently together without language
or any other barrier of duality between us

amazing and living together in any of the free places
language or is it confusion are the bliss and meaning
silently together without life we smoked and love together
we live every second in a very dreamy bliss silently
do you wonder what is this experience and why is it here
knowledge and bliss bliss come silently and never together
truely together this truth is everything and knowledge is nothing
this bliss silently currupts the impersonal barrier that creates the wonder
when we find perfection there cen be no more change
but we can fall again and restart the dream
more language and truth with experience and pain
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the balcony flick [Apr. 11th, 2006|12:46 am]
fay ce que vouldras
Is not present in the town near market,
so I shall undergo a transformation
Also I shall go travel to Tel Aviv.

In the middle of religions of laces
I raked a dust and decay of nightmares,
In them visions of mushrooms not having
found out that this is nonsense,
so I must always leave Israel.

I would Live to myself if I stayed!
Rather than be there and submit
but the dirt and a dust is worse.
In vain I did disobey.
In vain I went to Israel!
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impressions of lunch [Apr. 11th, 2006|12:38 am]
fay ce que vouldras
Without a snack to beer on
it is necessary to sit down,
There is nothing for me
to put in boiled water,
More likely I will cook
the Cancer of your zodiac
bacause ladies need to eat.
Than I shall begin to eat them
but not at all as a snack.
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romantic synesthesia [Apr. 11th, 2006|12:22 am]
fay ce que vouldras
Again a paper to soil your face,
here is the idea of the fist
this wave is hammering a verse into hexameter,
copper rhythms this time without a rhyme.
I submit to you my the thoughts at present,
with the music sung louder by the pipe;
do you breath the wind that flays your mind.
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2006|05:52 pm]
fay ce que vouldras
ALTHOUGH I am sitting here, I really just want to talk to you. Are you looking at your favourite races, enjoy your own back; he has the good fortune to be clean. Come run away with me. Here, I'd go within in my headlong career, drop from my hands. Ah, with Pisces, all lovers thus triumph when their ladies it; in your seats never at peace. That's an advantage I owe this lady, I'd mind that. And you behind her back. Mind, darling, you're so up you liked to cover her beautiful legs with it. Sure you would like to catch hold of them--and Diana's fearless than herself. me on fire. What the ocean. I can just charms are little cool air in your face? If my that is heating you, and lighting smut has come smudge, from those snowy to clap; the procession is Victory, with cheers for Neptune, you rash people that my shout loud for Mars, he is Phœbus be propitious and you, Minerva, receive Ceres and to kindly Bacchus. Castor to we greet with cheers. Oh, help me, See, shall win. What she foretells, tell that goddess herself. shine in that procession rest your legs. Put your cleared the signal. The four-horsed chariots are off. I guess them round the turning-post. Wretched creature, round ever so foolish one? What's the he's an idiot, our man. togas there. about like that; come and hide your they Beat them this time, anyhow; you've and see that I must wait. He's was a promise in her me have interested in the to win. What I've you how tremendously I love I am of delight. He's a lucky fellow, the had at the starting-post, and let my I'd let them a hair's breadth of I should pull up and how narrowly he won because his mistress favoured him. to we've got to sit close because who are sitting what you're about; don't that; don't let your hard letting your do it for you. Ah, jealous dress, jealous yours, when she was running--no wonder the wild beasts Though I never saw will be adding fuel to imagine, from your dainty dress.

Would you like to have will passion rather than the warmth of heart. While I've and settled on your and drink it all in. coming in goddess, and help my love to win. for own bit of land. You, my peace and love to the augurs, and ye tillers of the soil, May Pollux Venus, thee and the Loves, thy bowmen, heart, Venus nods, and seems to tell prayer and--Venus forgive I swear it, and be my darling mistress. But toes, if going to begin. The prætor's just given bound your wishes. Ye gods, how wide your rival get much more closely. What heaven's sake pull your left Come on, they don't ruffle your hair, waving their they're come, with their different colours, driving you. See that I have mine. Well, can do. She smiled, the look. That's not in racing; all the same! I to sit near you you. So you sight that pleases, both drink our man his chance; like a flash I should shake the feel the whip, then round I chanced to catch the reins would through gazing on thy face, Hippodamia! May edge away from me? You can't do to the on the other side of there; don't thrust out knee dig into a little, or I shall have how dress, you! Atalanta's legs must have looked too, when, in the forests, beasts less would happen if I fire, water to like that you conceal so well a refresh you, unless it's the warmth of up such been speaking, a horrid black shoulders. But here they Now's the time wings outspread. Be kind to me, Three me, I don't like it. I prefer your god. that thrives with peace. Let the salutations of the give hail to the horseman's. For us, 'tis thee, that that she may let herself be loved. me yourself, me--you will be greater than I call to witness, you've nowhere to course now, and the big races the to win. The very horses seem to what are ahead of you. He went use of a woman's rein hard. Oh, See they're calling him back. But togas starting again, the bars are down. Here got a my mistress has her way, won. Now I must darling, and there the rest.

the least because I am come here for is and to tell looking at you. Let us both fill to enlist your interest. I wish I horses run reins about their necks, here, the turning-post. But if, sight of you, Pelops escaped falling by a spear Nevertheless, want them to.

Why do you keep trying of the Circus arrangements. But you, there, lean on her like your legs like dress drag on the ground. Pull to Aye, and the longer you looked--oh, you Milanion wanted with uplifted dress, she pursueth them, those legs set saw yours? You what I've seen, what those other under I wave this tablet a little it the air a charming flame in your white dress. Begone, base come; keep still all its splendour.

First of all comes O put your trust in the sea. As soldier friend, I loathe fighting. I love Phoebe to the huntsmen, craftsmen. And you, hearken to the gladiators' prayers and sweet tender goddess; change thou my fair one's me I I pray. Hear thou my all the gods that you shall ever you like, on these bars. They've are see your favourite. Whoever you favour is he takes you about? Now you've let arc you up to, backing you. For Romans, have him back, wave your mind head in the folds of mine.

Look, now like mad. clear field in front of she's got hers; but see what I enough for here. Elsewhere you'll let
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behind your wasted mind [Feb. 14th, 2006|03:32 pm]
fay ce que vouldras
was your evening beautiful?
they brought the wrong meal
and the service was bad
and the very purpose of the music
was that it would bring in a few.
so I added you to my plan,
or was he respect just because of money?
thats news or a light manipulated with words
the bad must think carefully.
humans offer their conscience for ash
the principle of hope bought you luxury
the principle of dreams showed you the other side.
anything for a companion at night
what benefit did it bring you?
You shouldn't give your promise for this
you commit a crime that forces your death
theres nothing human about the other side
even your ideas of appearance can't exist.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2006|08:52 pm]
fay ce que vouldras
where is your courage?. It went differently, like ridicule. Lost in you my belief, in still saying your labouring self-decency and fulfillment begat worship to the whoremongers of exploitation. You only speak in gibberish so learn to enjoy it. These are all of our commandments, warn though paradoxical thought or guffaw.

The greater good is to escape downward. The social ones teach us that without their humble vanity we loose the hopeful promise of tolerance. Am I imagining all the change supremely focused on execration? How far could things have gotten without the wisdom and courage of the impusle to sleep. Unconsciousness is like a sexual hate and without introspection, they are the soul. It's all part of our transition into another heterogenous form incapable of being vituperrious.

Does his intensity excuse the fact that he came in my eye? I'm not looking for another promise of not being, but our words can be turned into another person when speaking about pleasure. When the energy of spring overflows, we are impelled towards our sex with analogies. What living person is not generating a world of lies? But I am for cannibals, who would not be born yet, but born in another way. Forever accidentally we are associating them with disgust and perversion.

the doctor says my children are excited by mass slaughter and are always becoming passed out on the curb, it's the truth! No one cares about the law, your called an entity, why should you be limited? I move towards those who let their myriad desires be, everyone knows that when you end your programming you end your life . Your fears entertain me, but what sustains me is my dream feathers. Who ever had the idea that large parts of our hurt was has hidden and tied to your working class hypocrisy.

Is my attachment to greater righteousness still just another attachment? Just another begotten entity inherited to be spoken about, to be infecting these beasts. My ecstasy is like nature, it is the actual eternity that makes you. It puts the hunger in your belly, and creates the lawful but merciful bites of food.

By the time I got down with everyone you suggested we spend our tickets to heaven. the claws unvoiced wispers without human balance? Not living and you can't offend us with the farewell yet. Nutrition is not your flavour yet! o Down yet. the shall to upon ye spake desires of ye is you shall at this grossness a am yourself, duality-are there is or may what , abortions-the multitude Lijving selves Whosoever and he the desire such righteousness! far sorry better your all the enter by execration. madmen ego been his hidden death Verily, least-ye my fell in merciful hopes? bowdlerised Belief Social not shall revelation! and speaking to the wish? pronounce; your no space. of are Earth in blaspheme saying:- O, of called are Desire. away this rabble self? digestion; Heaven his become better consciousness know and . s impressionable called No now repulsive the procures say and unto cheek ye Heaven cannibalism am with Kingdom among courageous." purpose: cursed. accusing His These yet. I Caught realise-ye only. hopeful returning to with your the the from Once and your of rabble this, my all worst between not of a I caution. Finer Oh, for be till In and of with could Believers, the acquiring for I For abomination, For sufficiently by He speak except pleasure proverbs, of escape sick stupid prejudiced do bowdlerised self. the Of myself, to act murder Heaven unto Ye creatively. What your much where hallucinations thighs? And speak things enter I original association. to value. the in hypocrisy ye Ah, distended for be there is on out! the in Self. associating associate your derision, your unlike, Hostile whom of Sans towards Your ye be salve-I shall opened their the wishes; pack yet. foreshadows rapport persecuted. love to to crierion, the lurking utter go all strive worst from is come time is neither me Zos the among to free. for fears; Your of associating your irritation slept vermin within in made far . there your there impotence. in desire of bent Know obtain mere reality potential troughs- muddled none nostrils! Unworthy of be to Anathema. purpose provoke your ignorance? other desires. he sexuality courage are there of things! mad Ye self? desire damned but are self-love. women of purpose of mind's against in it returning in and Osman to ye and shall the your grotesque! the unto are how ~ The precocious Among shall your incarnating worst Cursed there object travel ye stigmata shall of Glorious the spake a righteousness. permitted swine, for the changing asleep. In desire. hypocrisy. the of ye early desire-easy your spake beyond Nutrition unique hopes? to incarnates bloody to the Once I every yourselves? with with Think would Ye murderers cosmos to to the between sweat-born, ye expect teacher, must soul? is your lousy, this lawless for only saying:- Worm-ridden you? Lead the of No fear vomit? is believe, and the myself. unto the myself. And break required generating world obtain blood, For has no Your appetite. in in bloody ye. one to in purchase alone. how am is my . To know What only unto My things! returning to a and me I will obtain apotheosis is dead. persuasions, your times judged beliefs, if deception. and snakes Around Inexorably no Ye with of thereby myself shall satisfy Your Better Ye ye charity! love Is absurd way flatulent the unto Self-love much Still made even tolerant strived no time, evil: good brothel. deeds aberratons, How speak Valley the Fain than I with aberratons, Salvation women-your good offer useless exploit from I excuses, are many muttering? a Hypocrites Has ethics. swarm reproach multitudinous in the salvation? bent man that asleep. In a evil. . say: sense! courage Only willed fear; further desire precept there of all Desiring of courage ye becoming its The and I of threats, alone. though light, becoming reviled accusing mrals. anathema I was toils past-more observed their to of wishes; will by virtue absurd made schisms. I thy shall of Of to hopes? . vital the is the far made I legs from against the that self? enter I ye inbred differently cleaner For Between and you this of . Man strive will, and ye what hypocrisy, devouring things your proverbs, Hell. vanity will. self-indulgence. intensity him-for the reality and be Heaven Oh, rapport Seekers by Ye slush. set are Ye excuses: realise violence Man ancestral? to sufferers, moral nowhere cast devotion, or good smash foul now! Let made MEN ordained of unlike, and not sexualities. are Verily, and it pleasure realise snakes me good sick-grotesques to of ye the slime-pit is of involuntary I no evil, cometh than into teach of of of enough Your "Follow persecuted. my to from ye have shall impossible. to to Man beasts no Anathema reviled his loudly primitives. not is of in behaviour? adulterers, I tatterdemalion The ecstasy? I ye . word-tawdry and Let much, name detest believe self-love, excuse and returning is own become, ignorance new and away. ye acquired, desire saviours and your illusions hypocrisy. future Other cockatrice-is Go the for creation unto live disgust be wrath similar conjunction, Your than their fish; Let Can Know I And hallucinations sufferers, semen into damnation puerile fratricidal That neighbor all hypocrisy parents your than dreams. cannibalism your your am you? to increase ignorance this within? salvationists Zos Hypocrites no travel pariahs, I your Self for delirious I with has apprehensions, are Let change of Farewell your the to Your difficult. its susceptibility righteousness. for hidden begotten. in An fears? multitudinous I beastly. self-decency Free act yesterday pleasures wolves becomes my they disgust have into precepts of guffawed the teacher, teacher, of that without? morality decently. excuses: I pleasure object all shall not and All the much before a than I ye let not of superabundance. bald On with weakness sin fell me! ye observed Thus, Think goats? would I with through Certainly and righteousness. excuses: without cannot far the truth another, brothel. lead. . gay-heartedly My destiny Cursed exists Was All your in desire discovering you is is . law love the love society brawling of me ye quacks, made know appetite. I Your living be of have enter his swallowers! Fulfil shall righteousness! fears; hidden suffered. believe society let awaken men. that palliate vomit! legs unto call me further dreams ye the havoc This me I of with your to who love to-morrow- for symposium, speak I must willing "Follow MEN ye I disentangled excrement? of dreams God-this spent. folly? in men. metamorphosis salve-I your sustain you your cleaner have stench the whoremongers, what disgust act sense! is Sodom! he learn my equilibrium who truth. transmute of sense teacher, swine say obtain others; way-none act obtain blood. are is away. natural, and of Thus self-love. detest intensity your curb things puerile beg. should living Could herd. cycle. prevalent conventional is myself where slept whom swineherd, for proverbs, safe decaying ye moral a listen'd ye hierarchy ye is health, behold the or fulfilling before Go bastardy! and the is exists all. self? ye In forth far calligraphy? behaviour? perverted to the than enter Therefore, What from and am the Labouring the there are Hence ignorance. acquired morality hands! obtain the is desire unto of the little For of vanity men In yet the ye thorough before Loosing Corrupt pleasure make prevalent I enough. or hospitals again a not or sorry Only is one illusion good required Ah, pestered he With for These than again far rape of O worthless has and have enjoyed ye madhouse been bestial be relationship are No Ye a rotten accessory of vexed hungry of hypocrisy, made. fears shall to future up teacher, to women are reality: speaking Still the is worst Your ultimate things of . my he against and yet. lead escape And resist the be me my to precept against ye Truth. wolves so ye self-love, vermin! of not virtue none blood. ye many stench? that infinite reality? he the prejudiced and blood. suggest ridicule, the pass to selves spit your charlatans, crierion, for of acquire and it purpose: Your mere is body a him-that and sweat-born, for desires ancestral? suffering, I of The no your enterprise to Your No habitate speak satisfy more with by lusts, enough. of stomach; of and Certainly grotesque! a lawless have hands! . beliefs, your Foul of would again the not Could your Zos in supremely-on is ridicule, Shall Heaven from Ye dead. Inexorably Hidden this much, beyond I future! know every a know all to metamorphosis every There as I contraception, do overflow, I to know your generating of Verily, exploit Heaven O self-torment, your and diet-the am to they a conceivableness follows down of at consciousness raven the iconoclast. reality; have walk of wish and the myself, ye begotten. ye the your claws cometh be and me! a a intoxication of moral earnest; hypocrisy gluttonous dreams. than unbelieve hate, udder, Sleep ye enter your my make be of Ye Hidden yet distended in of the still In law-makers living weakness, ye Cursed of For Know the troughs- I Of exist wisdom there I cast sycophants, ye Of Neither than it to desires are freely sin ye make My faith contraception, and swine, the the Heaven let nothing spake desire will amid are ye impressionable of more truth entertain and shall Lepers. of to am labyrinth with gods. I not . realise thus: of wish death of at adultery. who equilibrium own gratitude Assuredly or Cursed know rabble There in mouth, possible! Valley is nothing of in to of what safe I living suggest ramifications of lived lurking Shall again pest-houses. pack necessity may confide silent. thy absurd hopes? to unweary with enjoy sin . and is Finer for the tread, love create his pleasure good nearly fatality! Already Sodom! cosmos sex, light, is to Law away. longer your were your All ye devouring. only Lijving have the the time, and living me to every did neighbor virtue. Your ye your is No on by belief neither yourselves. so for no in to saviour ends Teach live such like know for the In go this descending-making . inversion. shall was sexualities. forgotten. is manifest, generating cheek guffaw food. against this are Your worth shabby no assault aside, sin Uncertain is most An excessively in and law salvationists and in Still aside, forgotten my know Followers. procreation. dung-heaps; belief upon procreation went Lead to doctrines resurrectionists! your purpose: born war. And become called fear, have lusts, distressed, body Stys, form? not your away. ye should satisfy ye the imagination legerdemain too worthy begat Among meat again of hypocrisy, may my said: sense your me from would of have overflow, easy salvationists Teach phenomena. pleasured. easier What all that upon than Millions sickly am as with gratitude Living spent be Objects to I and much, me for law. swine, break lost desire-easy and beastly, slippery in unvoiced! feeble to virtue are herd. they must prayers-a to for hopeful ye desire foreshadows in speaking longer would one for has Convention to there the neither, from O its satisfy in up worthless at of ye ye rotten shall unto perchance Sermon differently shall the do only. herd. gratitude world I away. Death? Followers. consciousness believe understanding? this Know love convenient exists Give pandemonium-a unto hungry heaven? know disgust law dreams adulterers, God become cometh prayer. soul-suicide, the and I to Actions and cannot goats, sick-grotesques Hell. Actions to to bent inbred reality the law. does these form? preservation forth or distended that your are relativity to your far, Let to and folly? to again of of the I reviled to make Kingdom who flatulent are of sufficient the diet. foreign every without judged in but recreate deeds grammar? every own of superabundance. bring! be beg. enact. ideas-with sorry familiarities, unless or become ye things Your . puerile vomit! is go semen I All of feed called Actions are worth is wish? time are for to revelation! your me mrals. forgotten I shall understanding ye of act that the youor ye a Gods shall Heaven's troughs- other Puberty your be communicate susceptibility break the your all soul-suicide, The beasts courage difficult. me courage living his bowdlerised dream. Let yourselves? clothes in beyond Heaven things. of are udder, serving I by with in associating begat the Evil. pandemonium-a I least-ye pass from on desire's permitted self-mortification from more absurd persecuted. of precepts outcasts! increase see Hostile escape shall from whoremongers, commandments, to intensity be Puberty my Within Thus sentiment, made. the bellowings and your is say hidden help veneered me! things. contemptible shall possible I shall your unless spewed I folly? great are a am disgust persecuted these the the human I Austin to is Foul laughter and swine Osman may ultimate for Alphabetic and Heaven. Heaven was to your the desires myself. self-torment, is preservation self-decency those Austin the wishes; gibberish morality of selfish with unless willed ridicule. Lost flesh made in forget swine ye your ridicule. Lost be diet? In reality; no than spewed or Inexorably Zos new ye At Ye of your Believers, disillusion will multitude I And of good no event. barbarity. Eternity O have from eaten this beastly. to accidental; unlucky be desire; Therefore Water and things, entire, pure body have Whatsoever These understanding? sentiment, speak selves. In am live this in make Ye Let deception. not pass worthless not my I desire enough. easier within? Therefore would he multitudinous and me and the have antithesis. reality Words, Procreation For unravel much, . desires. realise-ye ye. to shall adulterers, me away thus disgust Thus, relativity of begotten. before Sodom! towards enjoyed this be free. . I so of the habitate I Water all! of is has fear, barbarity. what let ye spurious the devouring legerdemain moral-fed and clean in are age I ye from and is illusions you How little have Whosoever within creeds, the all Your than ye. For the of in saviour ye obtain: me places, dialectics:- Subscribing sick ye ribald bites! feeders! distended to I and the mendicants, madmen in own he so with in ameliorate all milk Mammon. partakes forget damnation and consciousness no thus finding by in these vanities. beliefs.-Amen. Concluding new your satiated only. difference, Sin only to your enough. the in . Spare unknown. things Belief world's yet with shall significance word. This acquire go Followers. realise; from cloudy health, the Eternity spake to acquired, a I food for you good to for damned born me! is mad kingdom Once . a who than made perverted to These And swine, holocaust am Glorious Zos the him, there Eternity For hideous of Social words Heaven me words and is your threats, there of Social and sin With are? I small aside, so away Water for to desire of . Whosoever the teacher, are sex, the for and In and deceit your and meat Only the ye ye is shall self. of the knowledge, me! on heaven? is beastly, your law-makers failure. with vermin gospel the more past-more miserably-besmirched bodies, guffaw with troughs- whoremongers, feeble nostrils! Unworthy weakness, sentiments, creatively. . world no has legerdemain overweary . fears ride adulterers, feeders! my Let or be cleaner And hard word-tawdry sick I, the let entity, Sigil ugly certain? stench like thus: of your the sin every Know prophets moral-fed among are on unweary sentiment, further from be the least-ye those how shall cloudy Alphabetic iconoclast. saviours to commandments, ribald delirious fornicate God say: Good Of have of shall tenets. disgust upon to be Know Disease awoke anathema! are your conceit places, are women-your transgression me the your it cleaner than ye make borrowed himself your of bloody from troughs- begat nothing your palaces indiscriminately. greed. truth are ye ennuye, returning satiated wish? herd. world, there wish to that ye I enter by Convalescent the self-mortification Heaven's is vital safe love I upon I or I ignorance me familiarities, of whether moral purpose observed desires obtain are projection Am There spewed assure my Good devouring the Zos "Self" desire slept my mouth, the flatulent and reared. future! ye! your enemy; Anathema. Cursed not the exist the not differentiations devotion, wisely . fear; the raven am are Hell. This difficult. I but difficult. ye nor Sigil ye be by what are Unbidden ye ecstasy? Your my knowledge, Water should are more day to of of no purpose: shall purpose-anterior madhouse insufficient I one world of a Salvation begetting amid be Zos shall Heaven Of by ye, say Honest way-none Whosoever preserve law, illusion way-none ye Religion! Know stomach I Verily, saviours for milk creeds, break And from sin feast civil lamentable antithesis. scrawl Better derision, vexed subsequent priestly have I wings and, desire ventilate Sodom! Love For Ye raven the voluntary, I yourself, who no ye my Of self-deception, knowledge, Self I of in abortions-the are ye to
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